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  1. Disappointed Andy, I shouted "Andy!!" And waved at the bunch when you were approaching Arden roundabout as I was riding at 30 in the opposite direction during the triathlon, but no wave back!
  2. You just going to work your way through my KOM's McTavish? 😛
  3. Loch loman Triathlon is on, up the A82, over the Haul road and back up Glen Fruin, you're probably best going over the haul so you don't meet any tail enders heading up Glen Fruin
  4. I've said to Alan I'll be passing by about this time, I'll do your pushing off for you, get yourselves down, more'll turn up on the night
  5. If you need to make up numbers let me know, I'd be up for it
  6. Fantastic Ian, the app is much better than the website!! Thank you!
  7. Run looked painful on the way past ☺ï¸
  8. Gemma Fallon, Elderslie Physio, runs her own company, NHS and is a Hampden Physio too, have used her for years
  9. Big Al

    Spied a Wheeler

    Yes Paul, that was me you high 5'd on the way past 😄
  10. Sign on from 6-6:30ish, off at 7pm, all details on the Facebook page
  11. Sounds like fun Iain, bit dubious about the integrity of the categorisation and self selection of others into groups, well done on your efforts especially in the last one
  12. Big Al

    Spied a Wheeler

    Spied the main bunch getting passed by John and Rita just outside Lochwinnoch 😄
  13. Piece of tape, hacksaw, sandpaper, done