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Saturday 3rd October 10am Zwift ride

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Weather forecast for Saturday doesnt look good so how about a Zwift ride up Ventoux? It's a long climb, aiming for 3 w/kg all the way up.  If this is too hard, or too easy then you can adjust your weight :)

Then the fun bit. After a regroup at the top (if you want to smash it up the climb and then have a break feel free to do that) it then becomes a race to the bottom. Descent will take about 15 minutes.... DQd if you start ahead of the beacon.

Remember to follow Johnstone Wheelers on the companion app if you want an invite

Before the event is due to start make sure you have opened up the game and can see your avatar and bike - you can ride about on any course or just sit waiting. When it is 5 minutes to the start of the meetup a dialogue box will appear on the bottom left of the screen  - select that and it will take you to the start of the group ride.



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51 minutes ago, thejanullrichdietplan said:

Tough one -  my first time up it and the climb is relentless. The downhill race was fun, Billy with the win. Think he just pipped me at the line

Think you actually crossed the line first  as I was definitely second; there was a second line 20m up the road that I crossed  first which changed the order , that was a long time at 3wkg 90 odd minutes

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