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Saturday forecast bodes well!

Paul McD and I were thinking about an excursion to Ayrshire Alps. GPX and Route details attached. Ride is 4 hours, 106km and 1600m of climbing. 

Cars required but usual meeting point is the lay-by on the B7045 just south of Minishant.

Suggest meeting at 0900am at start of route




Ayrshire Alps.pdf

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Goodness knows where this misinformation came from!

The Covid19 Update I published on The Forum (for all to read and take personal responsibility for) is clear that there is currently NO CHANGE to the Scottish Cycling (Scottish Government) guidance and rules on bunch rides, provided they are properly adhered to we will have no issues.

There has been some nonsense written on certain WhatsApp groups today, please ignore this.

In brief, as things stand, a bunch ride could consist of up to 30 riders. Sensible, low risk riding is generally encouraged, to minimise the likelihood of crashes and so protect NHS resources. Normal social distancing, hand hygiene and self sufficiency i.e. no sharing of food, bike tools and spares. On stopping, before, during and after the ride societal rules apply - face masks on entering premises, 6 persons/2 household rule (i.e. enter and sit in cafes in pairs), abide by and respect requests by local retailers.

At least one sensible person per bunch to remind others of these basic requirements and to take names and contact details for the club register for NHS Test & Protect. Ideally this individual will let me know in advance that they will undertake this, probably the ride organiser. Send your list on to me as soon as possible on completion of the activity.

All activities posted on The JWCC Forum, JWCC WhatsApp, JWCC FBook etc will qualify as club organised rides and ARE reportable - no exceptions. 

All riders involved, be they club members or 'guests' to be included (Coronavirus does not discriminate) - no exceptions. 

No doubt there will be changes to the guidance over time and I will provide any updates as they arise. 

Please make all our lives easier!

With thanks,

Eric (Club Covid19 Co-ordinator) 


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