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  1. Sorry Iain won't make it either.
  2. Weather was actually not too bad unlike my decision to go down the other side of Brisbane Glen and absolutely cracked on the Whin...limped home. Good to see you got some miles in Iain.
  3. Colin..the coast road is not for me...was thinking more country roads but would be happy enough going over Fairlie moor to Largs via Howwood and back road to Kilbirnie.
  4. Aye 9 am ...que sera sera indeed...route choice may be more John Denver inspired.
  5. The weather will be what it will be ....local quiet roads guaranteed.
  6. 1st & 2nd of Feb ...aye definitely and flights seem a remarkable price at £50.
  7. Ok will roll along track for 0900 meet at Johnstone....07465 206544 if you change your mind. I will post in morning if not going out.
  8. Is anybody even considering going out tomorrow. Weather window looks achievable. Local rural roads with bail outs if anybody is interested.
  9. Aye it was good and dry...good to catch up with Al.
  10. MISSING MOJO.......Has he checked with the cleaner at Lockerbie Truck Stop?
  11. It does seem to be following a familiar pattern of cracking week, not so cracking weekend.
  12. I'll be out which kind of rules out "faster" and I would imagine normal distance so why not tag as a main bunch ride for old times sake. Not over the bridge either. Meet at 09:00hrs - head up Kings Rd, Neilston, Stewarton, Torranyard, Benslie, Largs then decide.
  13. All the best George...very brave to speak out and I would hazard a guess that your feelings will be familiar to a lot of people, to one extent or other, either 1st hand or with someone they know and perhaps love. One of the things I love about the bike is the feeling of freedom and just "switching off", making it into a competition just erodes this. Keep on riding.....hint it's even more enjoyable without a computer. Davie.
  14. I should really read these properly....turned up at 0900 hrs and thought there was a no show....still had a good ride all the same and coffee and cake at Dalgarven Mill a great wee spot when the sun is shining.
  15. DavieB

    Tubeless Mechanical

    Shwalbe pro one
  16. In case running late r u coming into kilbirnie via dipple road.
  17. Excellent effort getting back over the Moffat to Selkirk section that is one looooong 30 odd miles and hope your various ailments are ok today. . In a perverse type of way I quite enjoyed the effort with the worst thing being the constant crap food the quiche at the old school cafe being quite simply one of the worst things I've ever eaten...luckily I had made some pieces up for the night sections so had something decent to eat at Moffat. It got cold at the end. Looking at the times if I had 3 hrs kip I would have been leaving galashiels at 730 so even trying to keep a good pace it would have been late afternoon by the time I would have finished so no go for me and would have been in bits for the rest of the day. To cap it all no steak at the black bull and burger and chips were crap..having had excellent food here before it was something I was looking forward to but at least the wine was red. Would I audax again ..maybe as a cheap 200 sportive in nice weather. Seem to have some ability to hit a sweet spot I can pretty much maintain as an effort through the day and the fact that I had distance on the computer made it mentally easier than the 400 but fundamentally I don't get it.
  18. Aye...would be interested but can't confirm just yet.....cycling holidays somewhat of a vexed topic right now...
  19. Hi all ....my expectation was to go round Arran in balmy high teens and stay dry...looking at forecast this is not going to happen....so I will be staying on the mainland this weekend. I should really do some audax prep anyhows... If you do go over ...have a great ride... Cheers, Davie
  20. Davie, Would be up for a short tour with minimal bike packing and not that keen on camping, the less you take luggage wise the more you will enjoy riding the bike. With regards to future foreign trip ...given my experience of a couple of days in Netherlands it's a great way to spend time on the bike. I would happily do another trip either in the Netherlands - the bike lanes are better than you could ever imagine - or further afield. Goggle maps if set for bike lanes / bike routes proved pretty much idiot proof for my short trip.,