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  1. Sat morn 26th May

    A few from the general bogs bunch group are planning to meet on Saturday morning 9am Howwood for a 3 hour rumble down Stewarton way if anyone interested post up if you are
  2. Cycling Scotland - Cycle Friendly School

    I'll see what I can dig out Ross, might have a mini pump somewhere !!
  3. Renfrew summer bunch

    Lively to Port Glasgow, good for blowing out the cobwebs ! Good to see some old fiends on the comeback trail, big Alan (DA16 vet) who is actually already back after about a whole 3 week comeback, and Greg who's beginning to sneak in some appearances
  4. Renfrew summer bunch

    Yes Houston bus stop at 1845,
  5. Renfrew summer bunch

    Bad luck Galeb , and a fine effort up the Clune Alan after that headwind that blew the air out of your lungs ! Run in was a good old scramble with Gregg attacking with 2k to go and staying clear. For Thursday night - its no problem going round Houston school on the other side All good fun
  6. Renfrew summer bunch

    yip, 6.45pm at Houston O if you want to meet up for the ride down
  7. Sat 12th May

    Just to confirm a decent bunch shaping up, me, Linsey, Jan, Richie, Alan McB, 3 other unnamed couriers and some possible bogs bunchers ! Shiela's diner stocking up ...
  8. Sat 12th May

    Hoped to catch some folks after run tonight to see if anyone up for a wee adventure on Saturday morn. Was talking to Linsey earlier and we would be up for maybe a Dunoon run on Saturday. Suggest 9am at bridge? any takers?
  9. JWCC Oldie

    Ian, if I'm anywhere near I will definetly stop by to say hello cheers
  10. Renfrew summer bunch

    Same deal Stevie, but starts in Renfrew at 7pm. Red Smiddy about 7.10. It is usually, but not always, faster and people have to sit in out of necessity if they want to hang on ! cheers
  11. Renfrew summer bunch

    Anyone for bogs bunch Tuesday night?
  12. Sat 5th May

    You really could replicate a Ronde in this country if it was more receptive to cycling. Round the coast run to Lugton for 1st 80 miles then hit a dozen or so of the back road bergs like Shilford, Elliston, Spateston, Glenburn braes climb etc. what a spectacle that would be. It was grand fun doing the bergs bit minus the coast this morning cheers lads
  13. Sat 5th May

    Hey Galeb If you want we can meet on cycle track at say 9am and I can introduce you to more local hills and you be home whenever you need. If you were at Kilbarchan 9am and headed towards Lochwinnoch on the track I can do likewise and meet you 1/2 way. cheers
  14. Sat 5th May

    No takers, weather looks ok too (it looked ok tonight as well mind you ! ) Flexible on route, eg. Glen Fruin - Dunoon ?
  15. Renfrew summer bunch

    ditto, but thanks for the heads up Billy