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Update. Runs are restricted to within our Health Board boundaries. Those boundaries are a bit vague, so inadvertently crossing a boundary may be excused if we are not sure, but the coast run definitely takes us into North Ayrshire, which is forbidden.

So, I’ll devise another route for within Inverclyde, and Renfrewshire limits.

Post if you are up coming - 9.30 at the club.


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Route for tomorrow (plenty of bailouts)
- club rooms 9.30
- Bishopton 
- port Glasgow
- Whin. Hill.
- wall climb - reverse 
- Clune brae
- back road to Finlystone
- Kilmalcolm Cross
- Phil’s Folly
- Lochwinnoch 
- Beith
- Barmill
- Dunlop
- Stewarton 
- Neilston 
- Dalek Hill
- Hame

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Hi folks

The initial route would have had us straying into North and East Ayrshire, albeit briefly. But, in the spirit of trying to comply with the latest SC guidance, we have revised the route slightly to make the ride fully compliant. It will stay within the boundaries of the GG&C Health Board, and it will be a bit shorter and easier!



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