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Ian Archibald

Lyle Hill Race

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Matt Henon from GTR has asked me to publicise the Lyle Hill Race on Saturday 28 September:


The Lyle Hill overlooks Gourock. The Bunch pass it every time they cycle to Largs but I suspect they never take the pleasant detour to what is a wonderful view and a fantastic location.

I've just come back from the Stow triple hill race where the under 16's showed me a clean pair of heels. Hill racing is particularly suited to our lightweight juniors where restricted gearing is not a handicap. And I'd enjoy getting a stuffing from the Jets; as long as they come out on the winter Renfrew bunch and let me get my own back.

The hill takes 5mins and I suspect power climbers like Marc Kelly could press me all the way.  Then there are the hard men like Galeb and Charlie, and the softies like Richie and Billy. Be nice to see how we all measure up against each other.


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Would love to prove you right as five minutes of hard effort is way beyond me but I am under orders as Cheryl is having a Coffee Morning for Macmillan cancer support and I have to be the waiter honest 

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