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Chaingang - Thursday 7 June 630pm

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4 minutes ago, thejanullrichdietplan said:

Eventful night, first chaingang soaking of the year tho i think


who was 2nd and 3rd at finish?

What did I miss?

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12 minutes ago, stevie said:

What did I miss?


A tropical storm through Bishopton, a car pulling out from a parking space going through Kilmacolm and almost taking a few out - lucky that the driver going the opposite way was alert because Richie and myself were forced into the other lane due to it. Then after the Houston roundabout a car had a close pass, honking its horn and then brake checked us. Probably missed some stuff too!

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Very eventful indeed, there were 2 other incidents, as the sprint was unwinding for the intermediate a lads left crank literally fell off then about 50m later his chainset was bouncing along the road ! Never seen that in 30 years of cycling! In the final sprint a car tried to overtake, realised he wasn't going to make it so cut into the line and hit the brakes with the car coming the other way blasting its horn. Unreal. It was a night to be thankful no one was injured, hopefully no more of that next week.

Anyway Jan you and Mark were way ahead after the car incident at the final sprint. I was best of the rest.



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Clune: Marc 3, me 2, Alan 1

Intermediate: Marc 2, me and Paul L 1.  Photo needed :D

Finish: me 6, Marc, 4, Paul Mcd 2


Overall...as usual probably missed someone

Name Points
Iain mct 10
Marc 10
Paul Mcd 3
Paul L 2
Alan mcb 2
Billy 1
Jesse 1
James 1
Charlie 1
John Cr 1
Glen 1
Gregg O 1
Gary D 1
Joseph 1
Iain C 1
Richie 1
David Y 1
Alistair 1
Michael B 1
Douglas B 1

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