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  1. Hi, I am looking for a bike for a 10 year old girl. Probably a MTB or hybrid at the moment. Happy to carry out some minor repairs to it if required. Thanks, James
  2. Hi Gerard, I will meet you there. Thanks, J
  3. Hi, This Saturday 29th October. "This year's Ride will again be supported with a rolling closed road near-side lane provided by East Ayrshire Council. We will use the routes of last year of 24 miles and 52 miles that takes in some of the attractive scenery on offer throughout East Ayrshire. Leaving Kilmarnock, the route travels to Galston, Newmilns, Sorn, Muirkirk, Auchinleck, Catrine back to Galston and retracing the outbound route to Kilmarnock. The event entry fee will include a food voucher for pasta & a hot or cold drink." entry here: http://www.braveheartfund.co.uk/EventEnter1_SelectRide.asp I know that there are some J Wheelers riding. Does anyone want to meet up and ride as a bunch? Maybe we could co-ordinate it here. James
  4. Cheers Darryl. I am afraid I wont make it next Saturday though. It was good, I enjoyed it. thanks to all.
  5. Hi Mark, I will see you at Miller Street. James
  6. Mmm, when exactly is the first of these training sessions? 30/9/2016 seems a bit late in the year to start training
  7. Hi Gerard, I will be there. Thanks, James
  8. thanks for posting your run. cant make it tomorrow but another time would be good.
  9. Ok Paul, Ill see you at Morrisons 6.30. Pity it's is not on tonight though.
  10. Hi Gerard, I would like to come along. Meet you at Amaretto. You say what time. James