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  1. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    Can we have a show of hands... i'm only counting 12... if there is 13 then we are struggling for transport, assuming we're all on the same flight..
  2. Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    Cool and windy night for our 6 riders .. some great times none the less, and well done to Richard for being the first person to win the Frank Lauder Trophy 4 years on the trot .. Richard 21.30 Gerrard 23.29 James 23.37 Scott M 23.56 AlanT 25.57 Mike 29.33 All riders paid.. Thanks to George for hawdin up, was blooming freezing
  3. Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    Cool, I’ll be along to timekeep, since I still haven’t fixed that punctured tub on my TT bike
  4. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    I stopped snoring for Lent this year, and just decided to give up for good, should be fine
  5. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    oooo, that's Nasty
  6. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    I thought the original 2 sets of digs had catered for 12, as that was the original amount who intimated they were going.. if we count John and Coutts that brings us up to 12 ?
  7. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    John, welcome aboard .... assuming you’re on the same flight as us it will be £34 for the minibus hire... when I booked it we had 12 names in the hat so I divided by 12 which came to £34 each, however we only have 10 confirmed and paid so that’s ideal ..
  8. compatability question

    so i'm guessing the "additional piece" turns a medium cage into a long cage.. so maybe it wouldn't work on my 6800 series medium cage then ?
  9. Anyone know if the Ultegra 6800 GS (medium cage) rear mech will work with the new Ultegra (HG800) 11-34 cassette.. ie, will there be a difference between the 6800 and the R8000 rear mechs ?
  10. Chocolate Series #5, 15th May

    i'll be holding up
  11. Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    I’ll hawd up ....
  12. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    as if I wasn't feeling bad enough Billy
  13. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    thought i'd cheer myself up since it's Monday morning, and I hate Mondays.... the Bealach Na Ba is 9.1km @ average 7% including only the specified Climbs, Tourmalet 18k @ 7.4%, Ancizan [email protected]%, Aspin [email protected] 6 %, Tourmalet fae the other side [email protected] 7.5% and Ardiden [email protected] 7%, we will undertake 78.7km of climbing at average 6.48%... basically give or take half a percent, it'll be like climbing the Bealach Na Ba 8.6 times one after the other .. anyone got a training plan
  14. Angie Macdonald 25, 13th May

    Well done Alan