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Covid Update 04/12/2020 - Ride restrictions

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Another update has been published by Scottish Cycling today, well spotted George, I've lifted the extract below directly from the SC website and invite all members and social cycling friends to take the latest information on board. There is also a handy note on what differentiates an informal ride to a formal one.  Another update will no doubt be along soon enough! With thanks, Eric.

What has changed in the most recent update?

The latest update to the Protection Levels Framework was made on Friday 4th December 2020. This update included the following:

  • For informal cycling, at Level 3 and 4, the Travel guidance was updated to: 'travel is permitted up to 5 miles outwith a Level 3/4 area to start your ride, as long as your ride starts and finishes in the same place.
  • At Level 3 and 4 for organised (formal) cycling for Adults (18+), an additional statement was added to the Travel section to provide the following clarity: 'club activity (such as group rides) must remain within the boundaries of the Local Authority'.
  • In the Coaching and Leading section, changes to what is permissible with regards to the delivery of British Cycling Education courses across all Levels. Detail of what is permissible at each level is outlined within the Protection Levels Framework.

What is the difference between informal cycling and organised (formal) cycling activity?

  • Informal cycling is defined as cycling where there is NOT a Covid-19 Coordinator involved in the planning or delivery of the ride. Activities falling under this category, must comply with the restrictions which exist within wider society for outdoor socialising.

  • Organised (formal) cycling is defined by the involvement of a Covid-19 Coordinator in the planning or delivery of the ride. Activities falling under this category, are able to take place with bigger group sizes as outlined in the Protection Levels Framework.

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Cheers Eric.  I'm taking from this, that yourself and those who reside in Kilmacolm/outwith Renfrewshire are unable to join our bunch at the moment?  It says Travel is OK informally but not for formal rides (maybe due to bunch size).  So yourself and Colin couldn't come to clubrooms tomorrow?  Or am I reading that wrong lol

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