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Bought new sealant. Deflated the tyre, took valve core out, put new sealant in, spun the wheel to circulate the sealant, attached the pump, it won't inflate 🤷‍♂️. Thinking it's maybe not quite seated right?  

Google says I need a compressor to put a bit of ooomph in when pumping it up but I don't trust Google and I don't have a compressor.  Called Dooleys who have one and could seat it for me and get it pumped up with their compressor.    Does this sound right?  Did I go wrong somewhere?  Perhaps I shouldn't have fully deflated the tyre?

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1 hour ago, XXX said:

I have what you need pop round and you can borrow it 

plus you should have cleaned the old sealant 

Cheers Billy.  There wasn't much of the old sealant left as it's been repairing the same wee puncture for a few weeks now.  Got other plans tomorrow morning...  are you around in the afternoon or on Monday?

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