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  1. I checked Largs, Paul. Seems to have been revised to dry though I have a friend from work interested in joining the club. He's on the sauce tonight but will let me know in the morning if he can tough it through the hangover.
  2. I'll be at the clubrooms for 9am. Strong winds and rain forecast for Sunday - don't envy you cx lads.
  3. Cheers for the wheels and all the help tonight!
  4. Cheers Paul - I fair enjoyed it! Looking forward to next week. Thanks Alan, Iain and Billy for timekeeping and pushing. And well done Ian - crackin' effort!
  5. Was out the 77 way last night and passed the TT. Tough night for it - good effort gents.
  6. I hope to get along for a shot. First time for everything.
  7. I wasn't Darryl. I passed you at the bus stop but I was just out for a ride and knew I wouldn't last so kept going. When you caught me I thought I'd try to follow a wheel until I blew up. I'll come out from the start next week but no need to wait at the Clune since I'm some way off being ready for chaingang and will be pumped out long before there. Good way to try and fast track the fitness though. Anyway you should've got yourself pumped out with me.. My ride finished with a refreshing ice cold beverage in Kilbarchan
  8. I was the guy in white jersey trying to cling on but only getting in the way. First ride was last night after 2 months out with an injury. 2nd ride tonight was a brutal lesson. Saw you again at the top of the Clune but couldn't close and you were gone by Kilmalcolm. Long way to go but will try again..
  9. Unlucky Ian, en route to your first race as well. Sickener! Mech hangers can be pretty hard to match for a replacement, can be a case of sitting looking at pictures comparing to the original to find. It should be easy to fix when you find the right cage though.
  10. Passed the race today on the 77 then again on the clunch. Don't know any faces yet but saw a couple of the wheelers. Looking forward to the reports!
  11. Chris

    Saturday 21st

    I'm planning a ride early on Saturday so if this is on I'd come along. Looks a good day for it!
  12. Chris

    Bike Fitting

    Cheers guys. I did my fit myself with the help of some guides but I definitely notice a few aches using the rollers over winter - especially on the drops. Did either of you get given off bike measurements? Would be useful to know some numbers for looking at geometries of potential new steeds.