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  1. Just had chemo on Wednesday. Felt pretty good this morning but all downhill aagain tonight. No way I'll be there. Hopefully soon though. Have a great day guys!
  2. Robbie - I think I'm kidding myself. In another few weeks perhaps...
  3. Mine arrived yesterday. That was with auto-renewal.
  4. Hey Robbie. Are you meeting at cycle path bridge at 0930? Could keep you company to Port Glasgow at least...
  5. I'm happy to help out on one of these. What is the best cost and which company and I'll start looking.
  6. What? 20k and only two bars??? Surely we can plan a better route back!
  7. Registration only open for bundles? I presume we need to wait until 13th? Or am I doing it wrong...
  8. Nice one Billy! Something to look forward to!
  9. Just booked flights. They're available a lot earlier than expected!
  10. Hey Billy, is there room for me in the booking or is it hanging over by one?
  11. I'm up for this! Sorry, been out the loop for a few weeks and will be for a few more, but yes! Is the event open for registration?
  12. alexb

    Sat 30th

    I turned off at Lugton and carried on for a more sedate intro to cycling. Barmill, Dalry, Highgate and cycle path home. The hail showers were worse than the torrential downpours. Hot bath beckons!