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  1. Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable cycle on Sunday, I had a great day! It was great to see the two young guys (Lewis and Josh) keep the high reputation of the Jets going with an impressive cycle too, well done boys!! On the note of reputations, it was good to see my Dad keep the 'Cosh' family one going with the immediate fall out of the cafe owner...we have belters in our family, but being 'BARRED' from a rural cafe has reached new levels. My mum would like mention that my Dad's bike collection is now up for sale...she says that if she gets the 'right' price she'll throw in a free Scottie. Jonny
  2. Hi everyone, I have recently been asked to join the Glasgow Wheelers next season as part of their Track team. They have a lot of experience in this discipline and the coaching is very specific, therefore, I feel that I will progress with their guidance. I have made some good friends at the club and I would like to thank all of you for your help and support over the last 6-8 months which has made me thoroughly enjoy my start to cycling. My Dad will remain a member of the Joansin and he will update me regularly on how yous guys, and the Jets, are getting on. Thanks again and all the very best next season, Jonny Cosh
  3. Well Done Jim! Sounded like a sore one!?
  4. This is a post on the Velodrome Accreditation website: 1st of July 2010 What a good night as the rain showers skirted their way round the edge of the track allowing a full two hour session for the riders who braved the weather forcast ! Special well done to the Johnstone Wheelers team pursuit squad who made the trip through, thanks for coming along lads, you were a delight... Well done guys, from what I hear yous had a great laugh and learning experience, Jonny
  5. Yeah, a cracking day, and the podium finishes for Jim and I would not have been possible without the help and assistance from my Dad and Martin, so thanks a lot for that guys! Jim was very unlucky in the final, different gearing would have resulted in a gold medal for him as he did set the fastest pursuit time of the day. Just to say that the Johnstone Jets were on very good form too and there is a lot of potential for the future! Also, thanks Martin for holding me in the sprints, especially when one of them got delayed, I'm not the lightest!!!!!!
  6. Well done Jim! that's a really impressive time! I hope Greg gets back to full fitness soon and is back on the bike returning to his great form!
  7. I'm up for this too and my entry has now been sent.
  8. Two tickets for me please Martin.
  9. Hi Dave, I have PM'd you about this deal. Jonny
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    Sunday 11th

    I'll be there too if thats alright!!??