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  1. Afternoon All, Hope the Johnstone Bunch are keeping well. I'm offering for sale one HED VO3 Time Trial bike. Frame size large (57cm top tube c-c) - suit a tall rider >6foot. Complete with HED Aerobars, TT specific saddle, 9 speed dura-ace groupset (including 54 tooth TT aero chainring). Cateye computer/cadence meter. Also Campagnolo Shamal low spoke count wheel set (used only for races, old school, very light, aero numbers almost as good as a disk - seriously, the data is online, look it up!) and a pair of cheap shimano wheels for warm up and turbo use. I can throw in a pair of shimano spd-sl pedals as well if that's your system. Some of you will know this bike, and will know it's fast! It's been well cared for, and to be honest has had hardly any use in the past three years as work commitments got in the way of the TT season. I've decided to sell as it's just not getting the use a fantastic bike like this deserves. Also, i'm going back to uni for a PhD and really need the cash! I'd like a nice round £1000 for the lot, but am open to sensible offers. The bike is in belfast, but i'm back and forward fairly frequently so can arrange delivery easily enough - no additional cost as i'll be coming anyway. Pictures available by email on request. Thanks! Gang forward! Dave dave at daveleonard dot co dot uk
  2. Glad to see you guys are having fun out there on the georgetown! Sorry i'm not there to join in the craic. So far of the three open time trials in the Dave Kane League over here in Norn Iron, i have managed to do...none. Long shitfs in work clash every week so far. Not impressed! That said, not like my trainings been exactly top draw this year. Such is the life of a first year doc i guess, but the seasons not over yet!......someone remind me (Stephen Hickey perhaps?) what stage was arthur doyle at when he became fast??!
  3. Morning All, Long time no see and all that...but unfortunately, it's going to be a little longer. Despite efforts to organise a swap, i'll be working this coming saturday, and so will miss out on the craic.... Sorry guys! But probably fair enough to miss out on a dinner since i'm also missing out on training Hopefully catch up with you guys soon Dave
  4. Stephen...i'm disapointed, you always managed to maintain such a non-serious-consultant-like image. That one "in my day..." comment has shattered it entirely!! Anyway, another thing i doubt you knew the meaning of as a junior (namely leave) is coming up next week, and without getting in to a debate about hours/training/pay/conditions etc etc across the generations I'll be over in scotland as of monday, and plan to head up north for a couple of days to play in the hills (without bike), but will be around glasgow (with bike) sometime wed - friday, not entirely sure when. Maybe see some of you guys on the road. All the best Dave
  5. Good to see you causing a bit of controversy Al!! I think Darryl hit the nail on the head - must be the hormones drawing you to couriers...oh, no, thats not what he meant was it?!?!? Anyways, i hope the move goes well for you, and i envy you your 14 hours a week!! See you soon. Dave
  6. In my very truncated debut season i managed 21.40 (westferry, frank lauder) for a 10, and 58.01 for a 25 (Uplawmoor). Unlikely to be significantly bettered in Dave Kane Northern colors in the coming year unless i manage to get enough time outside work to do more training!!! Rant over. Hope everyone is doing well. Things ok here, but despite my best efforts work volume is reducing training volume...i found reducing sleep to maintain training was unsustainable See you soon Dave
  7. Glad to hear it Simon!! Fantastic news. I am sure this is a great relief to you and your family. All the best Dave
  8. Hi All! Yes, i am still alive, and have not, as rumour would have it gone out into the west and fallen off the edge of the world! Apologies for disappearing more or less without saying good-bye...very rude of me i know, but it all became rather frantic to get packed up, move back to belfast and start work (not to mention going away on my last holiday unfettered by the human resources department ). Firstly, for those of you that don't know, or haven't guessed from the first paragraph, i will be living and working in Belfast for the next two years, and so will be moving on to pastures new on the cycling front. Most likely, but not yet confirmed, i will be racing for the Dave Kane/Northern CC road team. I would like to thank everyone at JWCC who encouraged me into cycling, and with whom i shared the roads of renfrewshire/north ayrshire and beyond during the past months of training. There are too many to thank individually for their techincal input/sage advice/support and encouragement, but you know who you are. Unfortunately my plan to get stuck straight into training again over in Belfast didnt quite come off (i rather underestimated the impact of moving house and starting a new and rather committing job all at the same time), so i doubt there will be too many more performances from me in TTs this year. I seem to have found my stride this week though, and have started getting the miles in again...winter training commenced on the 21st of August!! Should give me a good base for next season though! I will try and keep you all posted with my progress and experiences in the Northern Irish cycling scene, and hopefully will have the chance to race in the colours of "the Joansin" again soon. Season 05-06 summary 10 mile PB 21.40 (Westferry, Frank Lauder) 25 mile PB 58.01 (Debut 25, Uplawmoor Course) Placings Frank Lauder 2nd Corrieri Classic 3rd TLI Scottish 10 3rd
  9. Dave Leonard


    and Basso! What the heck is going on?!!
  10. Yup...i'll be heading along. Plan to ride out from Glasgow. Where abouts do we meet up?
  11. Ah sure, he's a big strong lad...ideally suited to riding fixed on a course like that
  12. Any chance someone could post some directions to the start? Thanks Dave
  13. Dennis Glad to hear you're home and will be back with the bunch soon. Take care Dave
  14. Sorry to hear of Dennis being unwell. I trust he will make a speedy recovery and return to the bunch. Best wishes to him and his family Dave
  15. If he's that strong in the TTT the rest of us will have bother holding his wheel!! A quality ride in fine west of scotland weather!