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Dave C

Sunday 15th August Dunlop Dairy

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Weather permitting heading for Dunlop Dairy Stewarton for first time this year on Sunday. 

Clubrooms  Miller St 9.15am

Route via Rannoch Road,  Auchenlodment Road, Shillford, Uplawmoor, Dunlop, back road to Bloak Rd and coffee stop at Dairy.

Bring money and mask. Approx 35miles return. 


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Hi All,

Its been a while since I wrote anything on the bunch ..... so, I thought I would start again 🙂

I think this would be a good place to start :-)

A bunch of 8 met at the clubroom for David's wee tour - Bill, Carol & David, Carol, Frank, Garry, Tommy & myself set off for some back roads!

It started out a bit on the cold side but David soon got us warming up as the climbs started early ..... which kind of set the tone for today! But back roads does not mean bad roads, on the contrary.... some of the minor roads David had planned were in fact in much better conditions than a lot of the main roads. Whats not to like, smooth road with NOT much cars at all! Well done, David! 🙂

Some of the roads I'm sure was new to some of us & certainly for me ..... or at least not been on for quite some time.

We stayed as a bunch through out & even up the climbs .... ok, maybe the occasional "attackers" stretching their legs a little when the road goes up a bit. But nobody was getting too far ahead since no one, except David knows where we were going 😎

It wasn't long before we got to our designated cafe just outside Stewarton, this place never disappoint, tasty fresh baking & friendly service ..... we had to fight for the last remaining 3 fruit scones amongst ourselves ...... so to keep harmony & peace 🤪, I opted for a full scale lunch instead (even though it was only 11 am) & left the scones for others 🤥

Fed & watered ..... we made our way back to Johnstone with a more usual & direct route ..... brilliant & fun descend down the Bowfield! Then David suggest a wee detour to Bridge of Weir before we finish today's run off 👍

Thanks to David for organising & everyone else for the wheels & company ...... I had a good time today!

Cheers all & thanks for reading 🙂



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Great summary Chung. This was probably the shortest run we have done this year, but one of the lumpyist and it seemed longer. Mixture of road surfaces and different lanes always keeps it interesting.  Thanks for the company as usual and 4 of us sneaked in a post ride recovery refreshment in  Amarettos on the way home. 

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