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Hi Davie B, was so sorry to hear this news and always seems to happen to life's goods guys. I have some great memories riding with you pal as you were always one to hang back and offer a word of encouragement when I was dropped by the bunch (A regular event). Have some great memories of Marmotte, Flanders and Liege and all the rides we did in Scotland over the years. Even remember you fixing a broken chain to get me home. 


God bless pal and hope the treatment goes well. Hope to see you back out on the road and sending you best wishes 

Iain C

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Logged into the bunch for the first time this year and shocked and stunned to see your post at the top of my feed. thank you for sharing with us.

Can only echo the words and affection shared by others in the memories above. Here's a couple to add: SantaCross at Mull in 2011 (your concession to santa costume just showing through your helmet) and with a breakfast swally at LBL in 2015. A connoisseur of campag and belgian beer. 


very best wishes, mul

davie at flanders.jpg

davie B.JPG

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