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Dave Leonard

Dave Leonard

When and where?  

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  1. 1. When and where?

    • Auchranie spa Saturday September 30th
    • Auchranie spa Saturday October 7th
    • Lochranza Youth Club Saturday September 30th
    • Lochranza Youth Club Saturday October 7th

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Hi All!


Yes, i am still alive, and have not, as rumour would have it gone out into the west and fallen off the edge of the world! Apologies for disappearing more or less without saying good-bye...very rude of me i know, but it all became rather frantic to get packed up, move back to belfast and start work (not to mention going away on my last holiday unfettered by the human resources department :lol: ).


Firstly, for those of you that don't know, or haven't guessed from the first paragraph, i will be living and working in Belfast for the next two years, and so will be moving on to pastures new on the cycling front. Most likely, but not yet confirmed, i will be racing for the Dave Kane/Northern CC road team.


I would like to thank everyone at JWCC who encouraged me into cycling, and with whom i shared the roads of renfrewshire/north ayrshire and beyond during the past months of training. There are too many to thank individually for their techincal input/sage advice/support and encouragement, but you know who you are.


Unfortunately my plan to get stuck straight into training again over in Belfast didnt quite come off (i rather underestimated the impact of moving house and starting a new and rather committing job all at the same time), so i doubt there will be too many more performances from me in TTs this year. I seem to have found my stride this week though, and have started getting the miles in again...winter training commenced on the 21st of August!! :shock: Should give me a good base for next season though!


I will try and keep you all posted with my progress and experiences in the Northern Irish cycling scene, and hopefully will have the chance to race in the colours of "the Joansin" again soon.


Season 05-06 summary


10 mile PB 21.40 (Westferry, Frank Lauder)

25 mile PB 58.01 (Debut 25, Uplawmoor Course)




Frank Lauder 2nd

Corrieri Classic 3rd

TLI Scottish 10 3rd

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Hi Dave

You were spotted getting your last fix of haggis and neeps by Joyce at the Glasgow to Edinburgh run on Sunday quite fitting really as this was where Simon and I met you on your fixed wheel mountain bike and invited you along to join in the Sunday runs. Always good at spotting talent :-P

Anyway good luck in your new job, new profession, different country, new cycling club are you sure your not on the witness protection program ;-)

All ways welcome back.

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Yes good luck Dave from me too. I think we only met once,at the West End curry night last year. Im sure the results you had in the Joansin's colours will certainly not be your last.As Dave says,always welcome back,why don't you try and arrange to come on one of our weekend trips next year?,cheers,Dougie.

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