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  1. Dear all Young Stan is now the proud owner of an Islabikes Luath 26" junior road bike. What a cracking machine. He's chuffed to bits. Thanks for the help guys. Stephen
  2. Thanks everyone for the info. I like the sound and look of the islabike luath 26. I'll let him have a look at one and see what he thinks. And in the meantime if anyone knows of one for sale please let me know. Cheers Stephen
  3. I'm looking for a junior road bike for my son - aged 10 and 140cm. I'm also looking for advice on what to buy (or avoid) and have placed a posting in the general section to that effect. I see KennyS (Hi Kenny) has one advertised but wonder if this would be too small. Cheers Stephen Hickey
  4. Dear all It's been a while...... I would be very grateful for any advice regarding buying a junior road bike for my son. (I guess that's what happens when you force feed him le tour and the olympics.) He's 10 (and a half) and about 140cm. I've had a very quick look on ebay and see there are some on sale there but I'm not really sure what I should be looking for. I'd be very grateful for any info regarding makes and models (both to look out for and to avoid) and info on things like gears (I've noted already that some juniors have stem shifters - is this the norm or am I looking at very old bikes?). Obviously kids tend to grow and so I guess there must be a lot of bikes out there that are in good nick but just too small now so any info on web sites or forums which deal with junior bikes would also be gratefully received. I know a number of the club stalwarts have kids on bikes so I'll leave a message in the for sale and wanted section in case there are deals to be found there. Thanks for reading and maybe this will be the impetus I need to get back out with the club sometime soon. Cheers Stephen Hickey
  5. Stephen Hickey

    Jim Daly

    This is terrible news. I've many fond memories of being out on the bike with Jim. A true gentleman. Stephen
  6. Fantastic day out. Thanks everyone. And a special thanks to Jim Daly who dragged Greg and I (with Michael and Charlie for part of the way) the 27 miles from BOW to Ardrossan at an average speed of 19 mph .Was just what we needed - a gentle warm up before the main event
  7. Kenny I'm interested but work tends to get in the way Wednesday night is best but even that isn't a guarantee. I'll keep checking the bunch and will get along when I can. Stephen
  8. Hi Jim / Greg I'll meet you at the Clydesdale bank at 0800. Cheers Stephen
  9. D Raymond, S Hickey (number 6) 20.35. This is one second slower than Dave got riding with Kenny Mac last week, which means if Kenny turns up next Wed I guess I'll be looking for a partner
  10. Kenny Sorry I couldn't make it tonight. I put my name down for a pair of mitts (large) and would be grateful if you could hang on to them for me. Cheers SH
  11. Davie Have a look at which goes some way to explain why they need to tell the London drivers to look out for the unexpected!
  12. Kenny / Ian If you let me know how much I owe I'll post a cheque. That way if I don't pick it up until next year then it's my fault but at least it's paid for! SH
  13. Thanks Martin and helpers. The weather was truly minging but an excellent day none the less. SH
  14. Managing 1 out of 4 reliabilities is not really ideal but them's the breaks. Great run yesterday - thanks guys. See you all at the Don Smith next week. SH PS - soup was awesome! Thanks Karen