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  1. Darryl, thanks for boosting my ego!!! Maybe you could send me details about Arran trip and I will give it consideration.Thanks.
  2. Truly inspirational... I used to try and do that but could manage about 30mph less than even when he got caught up in traffic!!!!
  3. Maybe your tight mother figured that by leaving ata 3.30am she gained an extra hour and a half away from her adorable loving glowing son!!!! .
  4. I would like to come along too,November best for me as I am using my getaway card in October for a 24mtb event. Simon,please organise whatever suits majority dates wise and if I can manage I will be there.
  5. Hi guys,no I have not fallen off the edge of the earth...yet!!! I just seem to be surrounding myself with more and more carbon things... Paul,yes I do have Sram Force 10 on my Cervelo and after a year I can honestly say I am impressed.Having always been a Shimano man mostly I decided to try it as I got a great deal and it looks braw. The double tap is magic,also the ability to change gear whilst sprinting on the drops is a neat idea.I have never yet had an issue with the lack of adjustment on the trim for front mech but I understand they have improved this on the new RED groupset.The only critcism I have is the effort required to go back up the block on the double tap,slightly greater than Shimano Dura-Ace but there again you have the advantage of neatly routed cables although I see Shimano have changed this now.The comfort of the hoods is the best I have ever ridden and for riders with smaller hands the reach for the brake levers is much easier too. Good luck whatever you buy,hope to see you all maybe over the winter on the road if I fall out with my nice new Yeti carbon mtb.Cheers Stevie for bumming me up about my choice of kit,another drink owed I guess?.
  6. I think its all there in the title"Round The World". Not having to take in every country,a bit like me going to the local shop...I dont have to pass through every one on the way or detour by Tesco just co's its a "shop" to get to the one I want to get ma milk!!!. Amazing guy if you ask me.
  7. I met Bob at Applecross campsite 4 years ago and had a great chat,he came wandering over when he saw my De Rosa and we spent hours chatting.A really nice guy with some great stories...I might stop off on a road test in a new XF and bring some modern look to the place!!,only problem is that being Maryhill the wheels might be gone when i come back out!!!!
  8. In the summer of 2005 myself and riding friend Brian decided to have a day out on the road bikes riding the Argyll peninsula.Initially to our horror we met Hugh Jamieson and Jason on the ferry who asked if we fancied riding with them that day.After almost 100 miles,3..yes 3 cafe stops I can honestly say that it was the funniest and most memorable road trip I have ever had and dont think will ever be beaten.Riding with a guy like Jason made me appreciate how difficult it is to train to that level and look after a sick child at the same time,that will stay with me for as long as I live and hope I never have to deal with the things his family have and will need to in the future. Unfortunately due to being away on a training course on Wednesday I will be unable to travel to the funeral but like every day since his death I will be thinking of him and his family.Jason will be sadly missed by many.
  9. Stevie,I dont have a number but we use Gerry at Erskine Bridge Motor Homes for the hire of vans when we do the 24hr mtb races.All nearly new and reliable vans which sleep upto 6.
  10. Sorry for the sarcasim,but I think you will find the M8 quite traffic free on a saturday night too!!!(you can tell where I stand on this.) Why not try mountain biking guys?,not much traffic there either. By the way I once did a 10 on the West Ferry and thought that it was mental...
  11. Ha,that I cannot wait to see,especially when he's drunk!!!! Has he been training all season for that weekend then do you think?. Maybe we should all get our good bikes back out if he is in top form.....
  12. Did anyone else see all those guys baying for the attention of the 'Top Johnstone Totty' at last weeks dinner or were you lot too blootered to notice?!!!!!! Vicki,that was a fine pair of cycling shorts you were wearing last week....
  13. Must ba a different one cos the Martin mullhooligan I know could not bite his own lip at about 11pm!!!! Another top night was had. Oh,and Alan Yeoman was dressed in pink too like a T-Mobile rider although it was more of a girly shade,his wife must have said he looked good in it,at least it's one way she knows he wont get a bird......
  14. In my experience of those kinda bikes Jim it really depends who is in charge of them that gives most concern.
  15. Stevie,who told the guy you were fast?!!