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Ladies race

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Saw this today and thought I would share in case anyone is interested in entering.




Just a wee post to promote Crit on Campus in Stirling which is happening on the 2nd of April. The event organiser has contacted me and asked that I can try and spread the word. He is trying very hard to publicise the event and get as many women entering the race as possible, in the hope that in subsequent years the event will have gained enough popularity to put on separate E/1/2/3 and 3/4 races for the women, which would be the same as the men. Its clear that this is something that would appeal to many people and it would be great if we could get behind a local event and really show our support for women’s cycling and indeed the growth of the sport in general. I understand that many people are new to the sport and that racing with E/1/2/3/4 is extremely daunting. Crit on campus was my first ever race and it was a great experience. Yes I got dropped very early on in the race but there was a huge range of abilities within the race itself and so it allowed me to challenge myself with riders of my own ability and it also showed me where I wanted to be.


The event organiser has also secured a discount for the Stirling Court Hotel and is happy for anyone who is interested in the event to contact him for the discount code. The rates are with the discount £49 for single occupancy and £55 for double occupancy.


He has also stated that if they can fill the men and women and other senior races, the overall prize money for all events can be bumped up- keeping it equal of course.


For anyone interested this is a great event and the atmosphere is always great which really spurs you on at a home event. Anyway, I have rambled on enough, but I just wanted to do my bit as many of the event organiser work tirelessly to provide us with exciting and new opportunities but for very little thanks in return.




P.s I would appreciate if people would share this and try and help get the word out. Also the discount for rooms applies to men who wish to attend the race as well.

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