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Stevie Blom

My reason for bug on the bike

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2 years ago i joined the Johnstone wheelers about april time.

I can remember it like as it was yesterday!

I contacted Kenny Mac via email and agreed to meet him at the clubhouse the following friday.

So i turns up my claud butler hybrid bike nervous as a wreck , anyway after a brief chat with Kenny he advised me to join the saturday group with Any Macdonald.

So i did !!!! 0930 i arrived at the Bird in hand hotel where i met a very fit looking bloke by the name of Sean Gray.

By this point i thought my god these guys are going to rip the legs off me!

Also in the bunch was andy mac and Pat Boyle , im sure Sean can remember this run as i punctured x5!!!!!!!

Must have pee'd off certain members but the following week i bought my 1st racing bike "Fausto Coppi" fully with 105 / ultegra.

Sean told me to get out with the sunday bunch which i did the following week!

So its sunday morning and im expecting to join in with a bunch of wheelers and just hang on - as i got to the Bird in Hand i was greeted by John Cameron from the GRC , he explained that a groupetto was forming to do 100+ mile run to dunoon and back.


Dearie me (as Jim B would say) then thinks id better go home ?

But no i went anyway and that run is still the best social ride of my life!

My life has changed since i have joined this club and its been the best thing i have ever done so Cheers to everyone who has helped me over the past 2 years!


Here is a report that Darryl McGunson did on the smart groups a few years back below(Yep Darryl i kept this 1 )









Those of us that were feeling energetic and not on TT duty this past Sunday opted for a bit of a potter over the water to Dunoon and beyond. The group, despite having the option of driving to the ferry, all met at 9.30. Darryl, Mark, John Cameron (Glasgow RC), Alan, Martin, Scott, Neil, Craig and new-guy Stephen Blom set off via Bridge of Weir and the Winn. A quick pace was set with everyone taking their share on the front. Once on the peninsula we headed out on the main road, turning left onto the road to Loch Tarsan. At this point, Craig and Neil opted for a flatter route to Strachur. On the first climb of the day, everyone looked strong. Darryl (riding with a dinner plate on the back) was first up followed by John and then Mark (bent frame meant he could only get42x21!!). Martin was next in sight, taking it easy having downed a few the previous night. Alan and Scott followed. After a brief wait, the new-guy Stephen came into view on his new Coppi. He looked good, very good, scarcely out of breath, but when we realised that he had only a pair of gym slippers and plastic pedals on, we were seriously inpressed -get that man some proper pedals quick!!After a quick review, Darryl, Mark, John and Scott (you weren't getting out of it!) decided to take the route to Strachur via Otter Ferry - the one with the very long steep climb. The others decided on turning for Strachur before that leg bender, intending to meet up with us at the Cafe.And that we did. Darryl et. al. rolled up to find the rest of our bunch sunning themselves tucking into Venison Burgers and anything else they'd got. It really was a great spot - the sun was by now well and truly out - hot enough for a few of us to take the leg warmers off. This was a bit much for the other diners and so it was that we set off.No sooner had we passed the garage at Strachur when Mark yelled there was a big bunch coming up behind. Sure enough, Black Boab and his gleaming green meanies were ripping it up on the way back from Loch Goilhead. What to do? Let them pass and let our lunch settle or infiltrate and join in. Needless to say Mark opted for the latter. Darryl felt obliged to keep him company, as did John, Martin and even Alan came through once he'd got his eye in. Well, this was like waving a red rag in front of a bull and the Inverclyde boys upped the pace significantly. So with 60 miles in our legs, there we were wheeling about without a care for the ride home after the ferry! Mark was looking super strong, lining the group out and taking monster turns on the front (that boy is coming into some serious form). After letting Black Boab win the gallop(!) we headed for the ferry, which is where some comfusion started. Darryl, John and Martin got on the ferry but the others didn't. After a quick call home Martin informed us that he wouldn't be spelling us home - he was down the pub with his bike in the boot of he car. This left Darryl and John to ride home, with Mark and the rest coming over on a later ferry.Hope everyone got home ok.Rider of the day: Stephen Blom - looked very strong despite wearing flipflops!Form on the up: Mark van W. back to his old self.Bike upgrade of the week - Scott (but I promised I wouldn't say owt, but for a small fee....)Best excuse for avoiding the climb: Steve Leckie "only two bolts in shoe plate"Most annoying call from a car: Martin M shouting "up,up,up" as John and Darryl crawled up the Clune Brae!! must do it again sometime soonMcGunson




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Yes, i remember it well Stevie - one of the best days out for sure.


here's to many more like that Oh ya dancer !:rockets


Hello, beer !!Hello, beer !!






For all your computer needs, spares & repairs - PC Express, Love Street, Paisley   0141-561-0323


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