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Guest Jim Daly

Track accreditation sessions

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Guest Jim Daly

from braveheart:

Meadowbank Velodrome, Mid Summer Track Accreditation sessions.

There will be three more track accreditation sessions running on Thursdays from 6.45 to 9pm on the 1st of July, 8th July, and 15th of July at Meadowbank Velodrome ( Weather permitting )

There will be a "follow on sessions" on these dates for any one who has done the ERC or BICCC try the track days this season ( last years don't count ) as well as for any one who would like a bit more practice.

Please let us know if you are coming along and bring a double sided copy of Accreditation log sheet for completion if you want to go through the process.

It would also be helpful to know how much track cycling you have done and what specification your bike is if you are new to Meadowbank Velodrome.

If you are coming for accreditation session one ( That is if you have not done one before) then you will be a priority for being booked in for an ESCA bike loan for the evening.

For more information look at the documents here:

https://sites.google.com/site/velodrome ... -logistics

and the page here :

https://sites.google.com/site/velodrome ... -look-here

You can express interest by adding to this thread or by email to :

[email protected]

Each Session has 16 places which will be allocated on a first come / most deserving case / do we like you basis.

Regards Allister .

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From Braveheart:


Evening folks,


looks like that's us full up again !


Now taking names for the next session on the 8th July.


Confirmed names for the 1st July are:


1. Shaun Murphy

2. Scott McCrae

3. Richard Montague

4. Johny Milton 73cm

5. Polish Stan

6. Neil Mckie

7. Richard Hewitt - 73cm ( Yellow Martrac)

8. Grace Wilding (Follow on) 71.5 ( Rourke bike)

9. Ben Smart ( Follow on) ESCA Allocated bike

10. Malcy Webb (Follow on)

11. Johnathan Copp

12. David Thomson

13. William Cosh

14. Iain Cowden

15. James Daly

16. Steven McFarlane


I do apologise for the last line of my previous posting if it caused any offence, my excuse is that I am using a voice recognition system on my mac and it is pretty good most of the time but the odd word some times sneaks in as was the case late last night !


Regards Allister

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Willie C, Jim D, Richard, David T, Greg B and I travelled thru' on what looked a potentially dodgy night rain-wise. We needn't have worried! We all had a great time, loads of time on the track and lots of learning in a short space of time from the highy impressive coaching of Alistair & Graham.


Many thanks to everyone for the company and encouragement in an unfamiliar discipline. Us "rookies" fairly quickly began to relax, demonstrating increasing control and awareness of other riders/positions.


Many thanks to Willie and Jonny C for the encouragement to have a go and for the transport arrangements



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This is a post on the Velodrome Accreditation website:


1st of July 2010


What a good night as the rain showers skirted their way round the edge of the track allowing a full two hour session for the riders who braved the weather forcast !


Special well done to the Johnstone Wheelers team pursuit squad who made the trip through, thanks for coming along lads, you were a delight...


Well done guys, from what I hear yous had a great laugh and learning experience,



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