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Covid19 Update - 13 March 2021

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Scottish Government COVID-19 Protection - Level 4 - Stay at Home
Scottish Cycling would like to thank you for your patience this week as they worked closely with colleagues at sportscotland to develop updated guidance for Level 4 areas following the announcements from the Scottish Government on Tuesday. 
The updated guidance does permit a greater level of club activity than has been possible up until this point, but there are still a number of restrictions in place which are outlined in the document which can be found at;      https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/SC2_Guidance_Tier_4_-_12.03.21.pdf  
  • Club Activity for Adults (18+) can take place, but physical distancing must be in place at all times, and the group size is limited to 15 during coaching (in a traffic free environment) and limited to 9 in group rides. 

All of the above activity must have oversight of a Covid-19 Coordinator who has a completed Risk Assessment and completed the sportscotland Covid-officer training. If activity does not comply with this, it is classed as informal activity and must follow the Outdoor Socialising Rules. 

Key Points

  • Adults are not allowed to travel outwith their Local Authority area to take part in organised activity, such as club group rides, coaching sessions or events. 
  • Transiting through multiple Level 4 areas on an organised group ride is currently not permitted.
  • Physical distancing must be observed at all times: before, during and after activity.
  • Scottish Government guidance allows for Organised (formal) groups of up to 15 however Scottish Cycling strongly recommends a maximum group ride size of 9 from unlimited households.
  • Organised (formal) activity - defined by the involvement of a COVID-19 Coordinator for the planning or delivery of activity.
  • Outdoor socialising activity, including informal group rides: • Adult (18+)- 4 adults from 2 households.

So, what is permitted is for a Club Ride to start and stay within a local authority area but only for members who live in that local authority area. If there are any Club Runs (3 - 9 riders) then there must be a nominated ride leader who sends in names and contact details of all participants for track & trace. 




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