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Covid19 Update - January 2021

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I expect that the majority of JWCC membership will already be fully aware of the latest Scottish Government lockdown guidance and restrictions associated with life at Tier 4. In simple terms - stay at home except for essential purposes, Police Scotland is legally enforcing the measures, for the weeks (months?) ahead.

Exercise is permitted in certain circumstances and close to your local area. British Cycling and Scottish Cycling have confirmed their positions on this and I have below lifted extracts from their web pages to assist any of our membership who choose to venture outside on their bikes at this time.

It remains the case that it is not possible for JWCC to safely run any events or organise group riding while there are such restrictions in place.

Stay local, keep riding, and come back smiling

While winter is often a trickier time to stay active due to the cold weather and short days, it’s a vital tool for safeguarding our physical and mental wellbeing during what is set to be another challenging few weeks ahead. Although the restrictions have been tightened, riders are still encouraged to get out and enjoy some fresh air – whether that’s for daily exercise or essential journeys.

Mainland Scotland is at Level 4 and will now have to follow enhanced guidance including;


  1. Household rules now apply to all activity (no sports bubble at Level 4) i.e. 2 people from a maximum of 2 households only. Sport can continue but it will be for a maximum of 2 people together unless under 12 years as they do not count towards the total (so more can take part). 
  2. Travel is restricted (as previously) but with ‘stay at home’ the key message and this has been put into law from midnight on 4 January 2020. There are however exemptions for sport, exercise and recreation and participants can still travel up to 5 miles from the boundary of a LA to take part in informal exercise such as walking, running, golf or cycling as long they abide by the rules on meeting other households noted above e.g. 2 adults from maximum of 2 households.

Please ensure that you have reviewed the latest Scottish Government guidance if planning to take part in informal rides during this period.

Do your bit to minimise the risk of Coronavirus spreading by abiding with this guidance, the restrictions will not last forever.

With thanks,

Eric (Covid coordinator for JWCC) 


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