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Covid19 update 23/10/2020

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Scottish Cycling message to clubs today - please continue to manage club activities accordingly and notify me of planned rides and named participants - thank you


You will likely have heard earlier this week that the Scottish Government has extended the date for which temporary measures are in place for the Central belt, until November 2nd at 06:00. Scottish Cycling, in consultation with sportscotland,  has therefore taken the decision to also extend the previously communicated restrictions for cycling activity, until November 2nd at 01:00.

The latest Scottish Cycling Covid-19 guidance, including the supplementary information, can be viewed  here.

You may also be aware that the Scottish Government will be introducing new protection levels, which will involve a 5-level system, from November 2nd. We will further update our guidance once the impact of these new protection levels, upon cycling, is known.

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Scottish Cycling message - 30/10/2020

Scottish Cycling are in the process of updating our guidance for cycling activity to reflect the level of activity which can take place within each protection level. 
We are currently awaiting sportscotland's guidance documents to allow us to finalise our updated guidance, so it is unlikely that we will be issuing an update today (Friday 30th October).
As current restrictions remain in place until Monday, please continue to follow the current guidance in the meantime. 
It is our intention to get our guidance finalised over the course of the weekend and published in line with the new restrictions coming into play on Monday 2nd November. 

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The expected new guidance from SC has not been issued yet, please continue to adhere to the most recently published information until further notice, thank you.

Scottish Cycling message - 02/11/2020

Following the update from the First Minister on 29 October 2020 outlining the Scottish Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protection Levels, we are working with sportscotland to produce details of what activities are possible at each protection level. We will publish this guidance as soon as possible.

Please continue to follow current guidlines as outlined within The Way Forward and the Supplementary Information which applies to the 5 health boards under additional restriction

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