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  1. Moi

    Tuesday 14th August,

    Couts you could ride with Alan T if you want , not feeling like doing much tonight
  2. Moi

    Tuesday 14th August,

    Will help you Alan , not going to come down tonight , drops you down to two teams want to catch you and Charlie before the turn
  3. Moi

    Tuesday 14th August,

    Might be a better option Alan as at the moment there are three teams , gives you and David a chance to get a ride .
  4. Moi

    Tuesday 14th August,

    Anybody else riding? It’s not really a competition if there are no entries
  5. Moi

    Tuesday 14th August,

    Likely down with Coutts but only if not too wet
  6. Moi

    Sam Dooley Memorial 25TT Saturday 22/9/18

    Can the membership secretary ping an email round the members, as it’s the same people that help , surely we have enough members to get 12 plus marshals
  7. Moi

    Sam Dooley Memorial 25TT Saturday 22/9/18

    Guys we need at least 12 marshals for this, it would appear that we have some degree of apathy when it comes to helping at these events , that I can understand if we did multiple events so far we have ran nothing , it’s also the 25 TT Club Championship, but if we don’t have marshals we can’t ride it . So any help would be appreciated, it’s also good for the clubs reputation to be seen putting on events .
  8. Moi

    Bike fit

    Gary is getting a good reputation, expensive though
  9. For the cars can I suggest that James, Paul, David and Iain Coutie come with me as we are all in the same house ,
  10. Moi

    Where are Euro teams staying?

    Yes apparently he downsized
  11. Moi

    track league survey

    Think it starts October so would imagine September for registration
  12. Moi

    Sat 11th

    Can’t TT Sunday want to have some legs left
  13. You have to ride with a front and back light in France , not usually enforced though, should all finish within 12 hours , don’t think we go through any tunnels so no you don’t
  14. Moi

    Where are Euro teams staying?

    Saw Lithuania guys I think in Largs and Female Irish rider in Johnstone