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  1. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    The front is a race, but he wouldn’t do it too hard for runners
  2. CTT National 25, 27th May

    Think it’s daft moving it as it increases the risks to the riders but not really any harder
  3. CTT National 25, 27th May

    Why harder , down the ramp round the roundabout then 20m up the road , your not going up Bishopton hill
  4. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    Charlie, Coutie is a mountain goat , he’s even better on long long climbs , maybe rethink my contract negotiations
  5. Wednesday club

    Another few circuits of gledoch 0900 BOW whos in
  6. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    My house has 3 Double and one twin , As far as I know this was the list me, Alex Paul James David C George Charlie Ginty Daryl Iain Carvil I thought Dave B had booked another flat ? So in my house as I am the House Captain , we can take one who can share with one of the others in my house [ what makes me the house captain I booked it and the deposit and damage waiver is on my card ]
  7. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    Can’t remember but there are a good few that will run up a design in two weeks GB , and others will do it
  8. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    Transport Charlie and Ginty will tell you what we have paid , likely that will go for fuel re house £110 for mine plus £10 for linen
  9. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    We may have two more lambs for the slaughter John and Iain Coutie have shown an interest
  10. Chocolate Series #5, 15th May

    Anybody else riding tonight ? Or anybody holding up , was planning on riding but if nobody else will go on a ride
  11. Wednesday club

    Morning 0900 BOW or 8:45 Glenpatrick Road
  12. Wednesday club

    Anybody out tomorrow? 2/3 Loops of the gledoch lumps
  13. Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    Good decision
  14. Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    West ferry or Georgetown ?
  15. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    One problem you have 30k gradual climb from Argles that’s not included , the Tormalet second assent is harder than the first and average is low only because the first few km are 4/6 % and lastly Luiz is hard when your fresh it has some 13% ramps and a long section at over 10 but it’s only or 9 times longer than what you say