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  2. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Thanks Andy. Looks a glorious day for it. Err...riding your bike, not working...
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  4. https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/16533
  5. Carrick CC 17.8 miles TT

    Hilly time trial from South end of Dalmellington to south end of Carsphairn village and back https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/16558
  6. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Time youse expect to be back at club ?
  7. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    DNS for me as have to go to B&Q
  8. Yesterday
  9. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Darryl. Unfortunately working tomorrow so wont be out. Have a fun reliability all ! andy
  10. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    9:00 full route via bagel basket hopefully.
  11. Track league 28 February

    Will be there
  12. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    9 45 group if there is one.
  13. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    i'll drop off trophy tomorrow morning
  14. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Alan Thomson also got keys & will be there before 9am.
  15. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    9 o'clock bunch for me, but don't think I'm capable of the full route. Hoping for some steady wheels to drag me round as far at Largs and then grovel up the Haylie. Fingers crossed will be at the club rooms in time for the presentation. Will be at clubrooms with keys about 8.45 if people want to drop off stuff.
  16. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Plan to be out for the 9am bunch.... Got zero miles in the legs... What's the route for the 9am-ers?
  17. Winter Bogs

    Screamer. Picture postcard day to be round the coast. It was a bit cold if you were in the picture mind you. 10 of us rolled a high and smooth tempo to Largs. Young team were out and some calming words required as we set off at Tuesday night pace and I was dipping into the red before Bishy. It felt hard, I think it must have been as we were at Largs for 11.35 which is about the earliest I can remember. Continued on in same vein and bodies like me started to sit back from Ardrossan due to gubbedness. 4 of us got pumped on the lower slopes of the Kilimanjaro drag. It was a scenic but sore ride home in the afternoon sunshine from the foot of Kilimanjaro.
  18. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    I will not make it, in work instead. Enjoy your day all.
  19. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    With the weather being so clement of late and the roads being dry is there a chance of a good bike amnesty?
  20. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Manflu this weekend. Will try and come along to the clubrooms to help out around ...around 12ish !!
  21. Last week
  22. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Thanks Paul. Convalescence has started. Take delivery of new bike next week. Hope staring at it will speed up my recovery.
  23. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Just catching up in a spare moment when I am not researching Arran.. hope all ok DArryl and hope to see you out on the roAD soon.. Unlikely for me SunDAy as heading to Birmingham in the afternoon.
  24. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Reliability, Reliability, Reliability! Bummer Ryan, well at least this didn’t happen while you were out on the road :-/ Sounds like you need a new bike :-) ......... Nae, only kidding! A new rear mech hanger for you then, I always have a spare hanger (or 2) for each & everyone of my bikes, exactly for situations like this, you don’t want to be hunting around for these sometimes hard to get parts. It also works well when you try to sell the frame to at a later date, what with spares to attract potential buyers, shows you care! As for putting on your new hanger, make sure you apply anti-seize compounds to minimise your current issue next time. That’s an area with lots of sprays especially with your race blade mudguards Good luck & hope your bike is road worthy very soon! cheers
  25. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Replaced chain and cassette on the winter bike but noticed the derailer was sticking so i tried to loosen it off but it was bonded tight it started to loosen but after one turned the hanger snapped.. I then tried to replace the hanger but the tiny stainless screws are bonded solid. So i hope to be out but if i am it will be on the summer bike. Gutted
  26. Drumlanrig 05/05/2018

    Due to unforseen family issues. I don't think I'll be taking part this year.
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