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  1. Yesterday
  2. Sat morn 26th May

    hopefully...although out tomorrow so will see how my legs are
  3. Sat morn 26th May

    A few from the general bogs bunch group are planning to meet on Saturday morning 9am Howwood for a 3 hour rumble down Stewarton way if anyone interested post up if you are
  4. Back on track with the calendar again, 7:15 for 7:30, riders and helpers required. A big turnout would be appreciated, and some helpers too.. Won't know if I'm riding until I get home.
  5. Still the Westferry, still 7:15 for 7:30, still need riders and helpers, still on holiday. Enjoy.
  6. 7:15 meet for 7:30 off, 10 miles on the Westferry. I will not be riding as I will be somewhere warm a sunny that's not in the West of Scotland. Riders and helpers required please. Enjoy.
  7. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    The front is a race, but he wouldn’t do it too hard for runners
  8. Southport Standard Tri 20th May 2018

    Well done Mark. No doubt u will make it out at least once before end of season
  9. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    Seen him last Saturday and unless it is a race, he's not interested! Big show off.....
  10. CTT National 25, 27th May

    I fully agree with you
  11. Last week
  12. CTT National 25, 27th May

    Kenny, Not disputing it being easier for timekeepers & more sheltered for them. I’m also not disputing that it’s the riders responsibility to ride safely, however, if someone is on for a good time or PB they are going to hammer it into the roundabout. My face is testament to the fact that some riders, in the heat of the moment, put (a wee bit) more speed over safety.
  13. Southport Standard Tri 20th May 2018

    Well done there Mark. Can’t be dissatisfied with a PB.
  14. CTT National 25, 27th May

    George, The roundabout is arguably the one blind spot (at speed) on the whole course, and although there should be at least one Marshall at the bottom of the slip road, it is the rider’s responsibility to slow down and check the junction before proceeding onto the junction. The revised course was proposed to me about a year ago, with the explanation of ease of finishing rider identification for the timekeepers (and also shelter) but I decided to keep the Sam a Dooley on the traditional finish as the BC risk assessment had been written, the course measured and it was what I felt comfortable with. I’m sure the revised finish will have been fully assessed by those using it as well Kenny
  15. CTT National 25, 27th May

    Think it’s daft moving it as it increases the risks to the riders but not really any harder
  16. CTT National 25, 27th May

    Are you not also going to be hammering up to the roundabout with the prospect of oncoming traffic wiping you out? Then taking the roundabout at full speed. Potential for disaster.
  17. Southport Standard Tri 20th May 2018

    Not sure if you’ve raced Allerthorpe before but it’s a flat, super fast bike course so ideal for another pb. (assuming it uses the same roads as the 2 lap half distance)
  18. CTT National 25, 27th May

    Because it’s starting lower down the hill and you have to negotiate the roundabout for a second time before the slight rise to the bridge? Marginal, but harder :-)
  19. CTT National 25, 27th May

    Why harder , down the ramp round the roundabout then 20m up the road , your not going up Bishopton hill
  20. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    You never know, still time for the big yin to sign up....
  21. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    I am no sharing...... single bed for me or tent in the garden. After camping in Applecross with McGinty, never again! Then again could be worse, McBride could be going.......
  22. Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    Well done guys and well done Montague. Could ld be 10 in a row
  23. Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    Well done all. But, especially Richard. 4 in a row
  24. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    Although I think Charlie has arranged a lift from The Variety Club mini bus.
  25. Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

    George Billy charlie Ginty David C Davie B Alex Couttie John C James Darryl Paul L Iain C Oceans 13....
  26. Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    Well done Richard , Thanks to Ian and George for timekeeping and holding up .
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