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Colin McPhee

Zwift Racing League Season 1

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Hi regarding the upcoming Zwift Racing League season 1. Please see the following


📢 **WTRL Zwift Racing League 2021 - Season 1**📢 

Hello @everyone,

<@188714705060102145> is delighted to inform you that registration for the new ZRL league is now **OPEN**.

**__Timeline __**
**15th Sept** - Rider register via sign up form (link below)
**16th Sept** - Captains selected
**16th-17th Sept** - Captains select teams of 8 riders
**18th/19th Sept** - Riders allocated their teams and discord channels
**23rd Sept** - Captain Registers team
**28th Sept** - Qualifying Race 1

For those experiencing the ZRL for the first time, allow me to explain the league and requirements from the riders to compete within this league.

There are a few important pieces of info to know prior to signing up and these are detailed in the form via the link below.  In short -

🔹 Teams will have 8 riders with a max of 6 riders racing each week 
🔸 Riders who sign up will be ranked within race categories (A+ to D) using a bike calculator based on your individual Zwift Power data
🔹 Team captains will select their squad and as a team decide on the most appropriate race time (which is unchangeable for the league duration)
🔸 Riders can move between squads if times don't suit or with rider UPG if there is space in another team

In order to race you need to...

🔹 be registered with Zwift Power
🔸 join Zwift Power JWCC Team
🔹 have JWCC as primary team on Zwift Power
🔸 have accurate weight and height on Zwift Power
🔹 have a smart trainer or power meter 
🔸 have a heart rate monitor (HRM)
🔹 have raced 3 races on Zwift in last 90 days to receive an accurate ZP Cat

If you tick all these boxes (or can get these boxes ticked before the start of the league on 28th Sept) then please sign up via the link below.

If you need any additional information, ask on the zrl-info txt channel 

***Don't delay, get your registration entry in. Post in the discord txt channel if you intend to ride 

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 Zrl season 1 interest so far Richie, Alan T, Mark C, Andy G, David A. We need 8 bodies  so 2 more needed come on you know you want to. 👍😂

can everyone post their zwift I’d and I’ll add it you to the team roster 

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On 9/10/2021 at 7:47 AM, Ali M said:

Would like to join this but I’m busy on the evening of the 28th Sept. does qualifying have to be done at a specific time?

Zrl preferred start time 5 30 ; 6 00 or 6 30 ? Let me know preference guys

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18 hours ago, Roberto said:

Enjoyed this from Jan - Mar with ZwiftScotland but only as I was furloughed; work late Tuesdays now so unavailable

Hi Robbie note later start times if you think that might help as a few guys have stated preference for 6 30 ? 

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Last call for zrl send me your zwift id and set up account at WTRL and I’ll add you to roster. Even if you think you can only do the odd race 👍 League starts next Tuesday with the team time trial for B’s and C’s

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Can all riders use the links posted in discord to sign on for race 1 the ttt.

link takes you to the event module in the mobile app where you click on your race category to confirm you in the pen.

make sure you are logged in with the correct kit for 6 25 😂

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