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Covid Update: Club Activity Suspended from 11/12/20

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Dear Club Members

Today, as our area has moved into Tier 3, the committee have reviewed the latest guidance. We note that the restrictions under Tier 4 were practically unworkable for club  bunch rides, and that there  is very little difference between Tier 3 and 4 restrictions.  In line with other Scottish cycling clubs, we have decided that the best course of action, for the present, is to suspend all club activity until further notice.  If you do go out on your bike please ensure you follow the guidelines, and  be mindful that they are  now enshrined in law.  If you’re unsure about them, the latest information is here:  https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/scotland/article/20200313-Scottish-Cycling-Coronavirus-COVID19-Guidance-0 .


Johnstone Wheelers hope to return to the roads again soon, but for now there will be no further club runs or related activity.


We are very active on Zwift - see the Virtual Rides forum on The Bunch, and further details in Main Bunch WhatsApp group.


Keep safe - and we’ll gang forward again soon

JWCC Committee

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Though I am not a member surely the course of action to take in these circumstances is to lobby SC and complain or to get them to justify why this change has taken place, there is no additional risk in either catching or spreading Covid if you cycle through another local authority area, we have to remember that SC are there to act for us not the other way round .

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