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    Why did you ask that ----
  2. I sent this to [email protected] and for some reason they have not yet aired an opinion. [/b]I’m sure there must be other people in the cycling fraternity that are wondering the same but I’m prepared to ask the question of you experts: So many of the riders that were expected to perform well in France have gone out the back and so many ‘also rans’ have appeared to have found their form at the same time. I throw down the challenge to anyone to provide evidence to disprove the theory that the early drug bust has put the wind up some riders who have subsequently decided to ride clean whilst those who are still prepared to risk it are reaping rewards. Where is it all going to end? Are we eventually going to see doping accepted as a part and parcel of sport and left to the athlete to decide? OR Will the governing body mount an all out assault and catch and ban every rider until the problem is stamped out? Alan Haycox CARDIFF What are the views of yous?
  3. I Just signed up - come on folks, it takes only a couple of seconds.
  4. I havn't read this yet but if Mick says they could and there's a beer in it for me then I agree wholeheartedly.
  5. Sorry I didn't give myself time to check to see if a thread had already been started.
  6. On a club run last spring a stalwart suggested to a junior lady club member who was out for a gentle spin the day before a big track meeting, that she might like to "take a turn on the front" Without taking her eye off the wheel ahead she replied: "No thanks, I tried it once and I didn't like it"
  7. SATURDAY 29 OCTOBER at NEWPORT VELODROME. MAGNUS BACKSTEAD will try to break the hour record. Also on the bill are a bunch of Japanese Keirin riders , Chris Hoy, Jamie Staff and others . Check out the cheap flights and come and make a weekend of it!
  8. It's hit South Wales! We have had two seperate reports of kit depicting Johnstone Wheelers/Dooleys Cycles seen being proudly worn in the capitol city of Wales, CARDIFF. As soon as the news reached us we sent a reporter out to get a few words from the cyclist wearing this most prestigious piece of cycling attire. "Hello, may I ask where you got the Johnstone Wheelers gillet from? 'ALDI' No seriously, I was lucky enough to go to Glasgow with my brother Thomas, he's got learnings and took part in the Special Olympics UK Summer Games. Whilst he was there he was looked after by one of the Johnstone Wheelers who had volunteered to help out. The volunteer gave my brother a JW's top and then sent me this fantastic gillet. It's my favourite bit of kit - it's much better than all the mass produced pro team replica garbage. It's envied by loads of my team mates in Maindy Flyers Youth Cycling Club. Now have you any other questions for me? 'Urm well.............no....... erm. Great. That's it then. Thank You! Goodbye!