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Colin Downie

Sunday 1st May - Main bunch ride, 120 km's?

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Hi all, *** CHANGE OF ROUTE PLAN ***

Looking to ride this Sunday, meeting at Erskine Bridge for 0930, head to Rest and be Thankful, inland at Strachur, Down via Loch Eck and home via Dunoon ferry and back to bridge? I've only done this route once and i'm not that familiar with Argyll but can follow my nose and find my way. If a big group isn't interested than that's cool, I can stay more local and solo something big regardless. Cheers

*** Morning all. Given that the Rest and Be thankful/Loch Eck route has been done by the club recently, the new plan for Sunday is to meet at West Ferry Jetty, either 0930/1000/1015 depending on who is interested v cycle time to get there and head South and West from Dunoon round the peninsula. Tommy D can lead the way but we'll likely end up with 80-100k ridden on the peninsula. Hope that suits for a few folk. Weather is dry and a decent double-digit temp. Thanks *** 

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14 hours ago, DavidC said:

Hi Colin, I will be out on Sunday, see you at the bridge.

Hi David... Good to hear you'll be out but we've got a change of plan, hope that is ok? I'm going to start at West Ferry 0930 (or later if it helps) and ride in Argyll - Tommy Donnachie going to lead the route so that I can get some new roads in. The route I posted was done by the club recently so there weren't many takers. Hope you can still join. I'm happy to meet somewhere and ride to the terminal together or if easier, just meet at the jetty. Hope that all ok? 

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