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Gerard Deeley

Confined Events 2022 March Update

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A big thank you to everyone who made it along to our reliability runs, our willingness to postpone twice has allowed all of the runs to take place with a decent turnout all round.  Although this has required a bit of reworking of the calendar, it looks like the way to make that part of the diary suit more of us.

We now move onto the more technical events over the next three weeks with the Restricted Gear and two Hilly TTs.  For those of you who shy away from any mention of a TT I would encourage you to give these ones a shot as you may surprise yourself as to how well you do.

Included here is the updated calendar for all to see.  We are currently missing the first Chocolate TT as a result of our dates moving about.  Once the second Hilly TT is in the bag my attention will turn to updating the calendar again as we are looking to use Geoff Smith's Georgetown League for our Chocolate series this year.

What we do need are dates to try something on a gravel route, one or two dates will be fine.  Midweek evening or weekend daytime, what would be peoples' preference here?  Currently the idea of any racing on gravel is not popular, so that is not the focus.  Let us keep the gravel thing a social event for us to get together with our muddy bikes.  

2022 Confined Events #1 16 March.ods

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