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Alan McLean

Official JWCC list of random nerdy You Tube channels to provide distraction

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Lanterne Rouge: second-by-second “nerd in a dungeon” bike race commentary and analysis

bigclivedotcom: electronic engineer, sounds Glaswegian, who takes apart stuff and seems to know what he is doing

lockpickinglawyer: a lawyer, who picks locks, that’s it.

These are undoubtedly the best You Tube channels ever. I was going to pin this and stop any replies but I concede that it is just possible you have found something almost as interesting. If so, post below....

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Mark Cavendish Human Missile good documentary

A Sunday in Hell good for a long turbo session

Any Flanders or Roubaix replay from the past 20 years 

That crazy Indian guy Hambini who rips apart brand name designs - I 've watched some after Jan and Darryl mentioned him

ABBA The Movie (ok I'm going off piste now)


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