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Inverclyde velo member saying hi

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Hi all, I'm Alastair and currently a member of inverclyde velo.

I may have bumped into a few of you over the past couple of years at the Georgetown TT's, although I've not been racing at all this year or even managing to train.

I'm looking to join in some rides closer to home (Kilmacolm) that are a bit slower to moderate pace to get my fitness back up. I now have quite limited time as I have an 11 month old, making it difficult to justify to myself going out on on my bikes/racing.
I believe some of your club training/fun runs are a bit closer to me than the Inverclyde velo group runs, so thought i'd ask if I could join in.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

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Hi Alastair, you are more than welcome to join any of the midweek runs, e.g. Thursday night Chain gang, or posted daytime runs, work permitting.

Sunday runs and confined events are generally exclusively for club members, although you can join in, but we will approach you on your third run and ask you to join up.

Hope that helps.



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Many thanks Alan,

I finally got a big boy job that lets me have the weekends off, unfortunately this means I don't get any time during the week any more.

I should still have the list of rides that you lot do in an email, so i'll have a look over it and see what I can fit in.

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