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Cycling Accident on the Erskine Bridge

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Hi - I'm not a member of the club, but was passed your details by someone who is; I'm looking for some information, but also to warn people to be careful if cycling over the Erskine Bridge.
In late September I had a fairly serious accident cycling over the northbound carriageway of the Erskine Bridge (broken cheek bones, lacerated kidney, etc. & had to spend around 2 weeks in hospital) - I hit some fairly large conical bumps / lumps sticking up out of the surface (up to about 4-5 inches high & 8 inches wide)  that I hadn't seen which threw me off my bike. I did write to ScotlandTranServe (who are responsible for maintenance) as soon as I could afterwards to ask them to fix them, which they have sort of done, only not very well and there are still others scattered elsewhere along the carriageway, but their response was also somewhat deceitful. First thing therefore is, if you or anyone you know is cycling over the bridge, please warn them to be careful & keep a look out for any potential dangers. Secondly; if you or anyone you know can recall ever seeing any such bumps / lumps any time over the past year or 2, could you please contact me as I'm talking to a firm called Cycle Law Scotland (because of the woeful response from ScotlandTranServe) and they reckon if there are others who saw, or even hit, these, this will help.
Many thanks - Adrian, 07474 456 333

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