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  1. Ibster

    The Thirty Milers

    Ahhhhh ! Gutted. Busy for the next few weeks with prior commitments. Hopefully there will be something i can attend
  2. Thanks, Going away for a fortnight next week so i'm hoping to get to some runs after that.
  3. Hi all, New to these boards and to be truthful pretty new to cycling. Not sure if this is in the right place to post this hello to you all but hey ho !! I'm 28 live in Hogg Ave with my missus and 2 kids. 5 yrs & 5mths. Used bikes all my life but only really got into it in Jan this year. Just bought a new one which has taken my time from Paisley to Cochrane Castle down to about 15 mins. Not bad if you saw the size of me. ( bit podgy round the edges ) Suppose thats whats happenens when you go from a cheapy mountain bike to a proper racing bike. I design websites in my spare time ( spose i should be on the bike ) and used to own a Vauxhall Calibra website. You will probably see me most mornings going down the Elderslie Main road in to Paisley ( cut to the cycle track after Glenpatrick Road ). Cannae miss me on my green bike with orange top. Well just thought i would introduce myself. If it's in the wrong section could a moderator please move it. Sorry !!