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Bike hire in Portugal

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Hi Al,

I'm in Carvoeiro/Lagoa for golf right now. When I was here last January & February (2018) I popped into Tomas's shop as I had the grand idea that I would cycle this time, as well as playing golf. Needless to say that's not happened, just golfing in fantastic weather and wasn't motivated enough to bring my cycling gear!! Tomas is a Brit, but born in Portugal and is an ex pro, (and ex triathlete if memory serves me). He has a good range of road bikes and seemed very helpful. He knows what he's talking about. And knows this area of the Algarve really well for ride routes etc.

If this is the area of the Algarve you are planning to visit, Tomas is the man to hire from in my opinion. If you are staying locally in the Carvoeiro/Lagoa area he will drop off & collect your bikes at your accommodation.  Although not cycled here I know the area well enough and there are a lot of nice routes along the coast (not using the N125) and the 'iconic' ride here is up to Monchique in the mountains. Tomas will keep you right.

Our favourite Pasteleria, Fabrica Velha, is next door to his shop, and the golf shop is next to the Pasteleria so I'm in the area virtually every day before or after golf!!! One thing to note is his irregular opening hours, but I'm sure if you hire from him he'll tell you his hours. Happy cycling when you get here, I'm sort of thinking again maybe next year mixing some cycling with the golf...…..



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Cheers Ken. We’re staying in Lagos so not that far from Tomas shop and good news he knows his stuff/routes/etc.

I’ll definitely drop him a hire request so thanks for the info.

Enjoy the golf and sun, thanks again Al 

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