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Back again!

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Hi, I'm back!


Thanks to everyone for their support, it was brilliant! I had limited access to the internet and so my reports were a little irregular to say the least but I did read all your comments as often as possible (even if I couldn't reply sometimes). They helped a lot to keep me focused on what the Games are all about and remind me what a great club I'm in!!!!!


My tme in Oz was excellent with the best bit being the Games at the end. It was really exciting and the best experience. I'm very happy with my results. A p.b. in the pursuit with 5th place and 9th in the TT is pretty cool. My favourite was the pursuit as it was sooo paced that it was enjoyable. All the credit for that has to go to Graeme Herd as he talked me through the pursuit from start to finish the day before and spent a lot of time pacing my laps so that I'd remember for the next day (yes, my memory is that bad!). The TT was hellish - what can I say? The course was harder than it looked and apparently I was shown in all my snotty glory at the end, although I've not yet seen that.... My first text after the TT was from Dawn (twin) and it said something like 'well done, you snotted all over the TV!!!!' oops, but at least the snot did impress her. In my defence, it shows I was trying!


Totally cool and thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks again to everyone.


p.s. Can Kirsteen post some contact details?

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