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Track league, 11th oct

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Sprint night in the Bs, in the heat i led it out wth 2 to go then got passed going into the back straight. After that points race, in a break we had half a lap and i opted to roll through the 2nd last sprint in 3rd rather than contest it to keep everyone working...they then sat up. Frustrating, felt like the hard work had already been done getting the gap then because we got caught nothing left for the final sprint. Similar with the scratch, off the front in a small group had a gap was established the chasers were having to work hard then 2 started sitting on.Came back together but the sprint never really got properly going - there were 3 lapped riders on the final bend and home straight - one was sitting on the blue and 2 on the red so not much room to make a move. I was 3rd but the top 5 basically finished in the position we were all in with about 150 to go. 


Felt slower and easier than last week and the average power backs that up - scratch was about 30watts down. So should really have done a bit better!


Last race was meant to be a tempo / course de prime but that got cancelled due to a crash then things over running.

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Some sketchy riding in the 12 lap scratch saw me not going for the final sprint, although my position wasn't bad. The 24 lap scratch was a bit better, a bit faster, and I got into a good position with three laps to go, then boxed in a lap later. Managed to get out and make up some ground, but was never going to be enough. 32 lap points race next, got away from me early, and ended up driving the chase group to avoid getting lapped, but got caught with 3 to go. The final race, a devil, didn't happen thanks to a massive crash on the roll out, caused by inexperience, and then another crash at the other end of the track caused by stupidity.

So that was a bit frustrating.


Apart from that, it was a good night's racing.

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