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Johnstone Wheelers Road Race - 13th August 2017

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Hi Everyone


So I'm organising the JWCC Road Race this year and planning to run this on the Blair Road circuit. There are three advantages of the Blair Road circuit.


1. It includes some our our very own Barrmill Circuit whilst avoiding the poor road segments at the MOD. 


2. The Blair Road Circuit provides us with a HQ at Eglinton Park which has excellent facilities and the race convoy to the start of the circuit is relatively simple


3. I have the full risk assessment from last year's Scottish Junior Road Racing Championship kindly donated by Willie Stephen at Velo Vitesse.


Currently the main hall at Eglinton Park is available on Sunday 13th August and looking at the British Cycling calendar there are no obvious clashes with other races. This is different to our previously planned date which was 30th July due to lack of facilities available at Eglinton Park.


I wanted to flag this date just now to raise awareness for your diaries in terms of helping out but also just incase you're aware of any clashes with other major events.













Blair Road Circuit.docx

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The Habbie Habble is now online and open for entry.




Obviously we hope to get as many folk as possible racing from the club but priorities are sign on, drivers, catering and marshals. Volunteers required!


So far Chapeau to the following:


Marc K (poss)

Iain McT

Eric L

Paul McDA

Alan M


Bison (podium girl)

Kenny S


So more please ðŸ™



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