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CTT British 10 Mile Championship - Westferry 2018?

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Submissions of Interest are being invited to host the CTT 2018 10mile Time Trial Championship.


Do we have anyone in the club who is interested in organising this event? Obviously not a one-person job but we would require a name to put against the submission.


Having one of the fastest 10 courses on our doorstep would make it interesting


Deadline to CTT is end of month so if interested please post below and we can see how the feeling is through the club before deciding whether or not to submit


JWCC decision deadline 28th January 2017











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This would be an awesome event to hold in the West of Scotland. What's involved in setting it up?


Not sure on the protocol but would imagine we would have support in any submission through the District.


Other than that it's a Westferry 10 on a large scale.


Course, RA, Race HQ, Publicity, Field Selection, Marshalls, Results, Prizes


I would think that we would have marshalling support, etc from neighbouring clubs. Likewise I would think any other club in the area looking to run it would have our support


Billy Mac is our rep with CTT. Any info Billy?



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