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Hi everybody


I attended along with Willie Cosh an "Organisers Workshop" arranged by CTT last weekend. As part of that meeting we were given an update on the new CTT Website. The site is due to go live on Wednesday 16th March at which time all affiliated club members can register. By registering you will be given a registration number which you can use to populate your details into event entries. If you go straight to the event entry part of the system as a first time user you will redirected to the registration process.


The events which will be in the new system will be those which are in the calender from 1st of May. Any events which are in the calender prior to 1st of May will be processed by the old system.


As a registered user of the system you will be able to enter multiple events and have them in your "Shopping Basket" and then pay for them all with a single payment. Also if you have purchased anything from the CTT shop it will be included in your "Basket".


Over time as results build up each rider will be able to develop a profile with all their results. As your results build up the system will automatically identify your fastest times in the last three seasons at each of the standard distances.


If you are an event organiser your registration will be given extra privileges to allow you to accept

or reject event entries. Once you accept an entry the money will be directed to whichever bank account you have nominated in the system. If you reject an entry the system will generate an automatic refund to the applicant. All entrants will get an automatic eMail either confirming entry or advising of rejection. Once the entries have been accepted they will be listed for you in a format that will used to make up your start sheet. The entrants will be listed slowest to fastest initially but as the organiser you will be able to manipulate that order using a "Drag and Drop" process. Result sheets can also be uploaded to the system to complete the cycle. The system will be used for Type A Open events. Clubs can organise Type B events without using the system and entries can be accepted by the organiser on the day with the competitors signing on the start sheet. The organiser must however keep a record of the entrants name, address and club. If you are organising a type B event Blank start sheets can be downloaded from the CTT website as can all other documents required to promote an event. An organiser can also create a manual entry into a Type A event in the circumstance that an entry is received in the post. If the event is a multiple rider (Tandem) or TTT the lead entrant would indicate who the members of the team were and the system would generate an eMail to each entrant asking them to submit their entry fee assuming they had all registered on the system.


Needless to say there will be problems to be sorted as any new system has problems so if you or any of your club members have an issue please contact me as soon as possible and I will refer to the appropriate person in CTT. It is hoped to have a "Help" page as soon as possible so that problems can be sent to the developers directly. In the meantime please encourage all members to register on the system and try things out.


Best regards Bill McMillan


Secretary CTT Scotland

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