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Hi Guys


Further to the popularity of our recent Scott Foil offer (a few left in certain sizes btw) it's got us thinking and looking for our next offer.


So what sort of things would interest you? A wee heads up on what we should be looking for so we bring you relevant deals.


Also another thing we thought about is demo days/weekends. We have access to demo fleets from Scott Giant Colnago Ridley and Forme/Moda


What's your thoughts on this sort of thing? Would it help or encourage you too buy a nice new bike or just be more confusing :-)


Would love to hear your thoughts


Kind Regards



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Guest Kennyb

Any sort of Tyre offer, particularly at this time of year would be very welcome.


Out of interest - do you have and Scwhalbe Duranos in stock in a 28? Looking for one.

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Now that the C60 has been launched i wonder if Signor Colnago is desperately looking to get rid of the remaining stock of C59 at knock down prices... :grin:



More seriously the demo bike idea sounds good, although im not in the market for a new bike at the moment - if i was it would help provide piece of mind that i was choosing the right model and size.

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Cross frames are a tricky thing to source I have just sold a cracking titanium frame, but 9 times out of 10 it's cheaper to buy a complete bike


But ridley do some framesets as does Colnago Scott and Giant.


It defo be worth popping in for a chat about cross frames


Genesis bikes can be sourced no problem however in most cases if it's something steel your after Surly offers a slightly high quality and more bespoke product for similar money.


I will look at inner tube and tyre deals


In the past I have got some cracking deals with guys buying a years worth of tubes at a time and doing this once or twice per year is it something along these lines you were thinking? Or simply a 3 for 2 arrangement

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