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Guest fatblokeonbike

The Chocolate Trophy - by Jim Kennovin (Past President)

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Guest fatblokeonbike

The Story of the Chocolate Trophy


by Jim Kennovin (Past President)



A number of years ago, as a group of Wheelers were returning from a mid-week 10-mile TT, a few of the lads were disappointed at not beating 26 minutes for the 10-mile Georgetown Course. I offered to buy chocolate for the fastest time over the next few weeks of the races.



This incentive gave the lads a purpose and the training increased, the times came down and I felt the effort deserved more recognition.



To this end, I bought a large bar of chocolate and asked a friend to make a wooden trophy the same as the chocolate and supported by two wheels, all on a rock-like base. When the Trophy was finished, I put 3 shields round the base for the winners' names.



Next I took the Trophy, and a photograph of it to Cadbury's depot in Paisley and told the story to their Personnel Office. She was delighted to have the story for Cadbury's company magazine and afterwards gave me a box of two dozen bars of chocolate.



The Club accepted theTrophy for competition over the Georgetwon 10-mile course with the provision that entry was confined to riders who had not beaten 26 minutes for the last two years. The reason for this was to encourage "slow" riders.



The first fastest winner was Graeme Reid who got under 26 minutes. He was presented with the Chocolate Trophy at the end of the season. All the other riders got chocolate at the last race.



A few of the riders improved over the next season and some actually beat the hour for a 25-mile TT later on.



I believe that, due to road traffic problems, the course has been shortened to 7-and-a-half miles with time adjustment, but long may the competition continue.

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Thank you Jim for the notes on how the Chocolate trophy came about , it is still as keenly contested today as when it was started.

Many riders have used it as a stepping stone to time trialing greatness over the years , and it is a welcomed event on the calendar.

ps Unfortunately Jim is involved in his own race of truth at present , he is showing all his battling spirit which served him well on the bike. I speak for all members of the club in wishing you well in your continued battle towards good health.

Keep well into the left

kenny MacDonald

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