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Inverclyde Velo 10TT - West Ferry - 19-06-2011

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Oh ya dancer !Oh ya dancer !Oh ya dancer ! Ben Wins Again!! Oh ya dancer !Oh ya dancer !Oh ya dancer !


Five JWCC rode in the 10 this morning. Kenny C, Andy D, Greg B, Ben P and Myself. Fairly wet roads, but not much wind. Most of us found the conditions fairly slow, but I think someone forgot to tell Ben that! :shock:


Another great result from the big fella. Well done.




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Thanks a lot Ramsay, Kenny.

Great to see you all out on what was a fairly miserable morning. Willie's is right though, we do need to get some Team TT Training in. With the turn-out on tuesday nights and the quality of times i reckon we have the numbers for two teams atleast.

Kenny, Bad luck breaking that spoke. It looked to me like you were on for a Westferry PB an all. I meant to say to you to check out the St Christophers CC Gallery for photos of the jwcc riders from the Willie Rafferty, some good clear shots of us all that night.


Cheers, Ben.

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