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Darryl Gunson

Sunday 16th: ‘farm watch’ ride

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Sunday 16th: planning on a wee spin along the back roads in memory of our dear friend Davie Borland. Davie was a big fan of ‘farm watch’ rides so we’ll be seeking out some of the worst roads in the area 😅
All welcome to join me - including gravellers 😀

9.30 Miller Street.
PM me if you know of any bad roads Davie would have liked (or did indeed like) and we’ll try and incorporate them!

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I was saddened to read Darryl’s post, above, and learn of Davie B’s passing. 
Davie was a wheeler at heart.  

The man who went to Italy with blue tinged legs and came home with blue tinged legs.

Many a time he would appear out of the murk on a Sunday morning, to meet me on the track at Kilbirnie, with his grimace on and greet me with a ‘Morning - shite weather’ and barely miss a pedal stroke. We also limped home down the track to the Garnock Valley numerous times, sucking each others wheels to save what little was left in the tank after a long day in the saddle. The best of times.

Davie was the most modest down to earth bloke, who loved to get off the main drag and head for the rural lanes and tracks. The more rutted and mankier the better. He had a pragmatic almost bleak outlook on life but was a dependable, generous individual with a wry sense of humour. Never particularly vociferous, yet spoke his mind when the occasion arose. 

I don’t know if Davie’s passing, and indeed his life, has been marked on the Club’s Facebook page (I don’t do Facebook), but it seems remiss that there is nothing on the the Bunch to pay tribute to the man. If this thread is it then this is my contribution. 

Davie B your were and always will be a Joansin Wheeler. You sadly ran out of farm tracks way too soon. You’ll be missed. 

Mark O

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There was a thread with condolences after he died (although i cant find it just now to link to) plus another one with some photos and stories after his diagnosis. Some good photos and memories @ https://www.johnstone-wheelers.co.uk/thebunch/index.php?/topic/11776-farewell/


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