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Colin McPhee

Zwift Racing League JWCC B

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Although the play offs have still to decide on promotion / relegation from EMEA Africa Division B3 in the two races on 23rd November and 4th December, I can happily report that JWCC B secured 9th spot in the league out of the 14 teams. It all started on the 27th of September with the opening team time trial and the ruling of allowing other teams to pass when caught was hotly debated over discord. It ended with the bike swapping fun of the temple climb on the Makuri Island course. Although 13 riders were registered to race in the season, only 7 actually took part but the B's had a good core of 3 riders who raced every raced valiantly on every stage, so special mention to Darryl and Ali for keeping me company on discord for every race and making sure we fulfilled the league obligations and Mark who only missed the last race.  On reflection 5 things were key to improving performance in season 2. 1 Careful preparation to minimize technical problems (experienced by most riders at some point during the season). 2 Dealing with issues affecting the race category threshold so as to avoid having points nullified, e.g. riders who are borderline Cat A can ride within the category limit for the first three races so as not to be bumped up a category and subsequently race within the limits while utilizing their superior power where it matters. i.e. sprints and climbs. 3 Early notification if riders are not available so replacements can be sought and the full compliment of 6 riders are available for all the races as this is what yields the largest points tally. 4 Recruitment of a sprinter someone who has the capability to take points on the fts and fal sections. 5 Making sure all riders have a stopwatch for the start delay in the ttt's !! All and all it was a great season and hoping to continue with the same core of 4 riders for season 2 as there is a learning curve involved in the basics of event racing on zwift. Well done to all who took part and see you in January 

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Great write up Colin. Many thanks for taking the lead here, I’m not sure we’d have managed without your steady hand guiding us through it all. Already looking forwards to the next race series in January.

Have to say it has been an absolute blast. Anyone who fancies racing for their club should give it a go. It’s online so of course it’s not like irl. But, it’s safe, inclusive, a good workout, and the weather can be as warm or cool as you wish.

I think we are recruiting for more team members to compete, so don’t be shy, drop me or Colin a line and  hopefully we’ll be able to field stronger teams with a full complement of riders for the next series of races in January.


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